Insights to Proactively
Mitigate COVID-19

Provided by hc1® and our lab coalition partners at no charge to public health officials, government agencies, and healthcare providers.


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CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard should be used by:
Public health, public policy, healthcare, and laboratory decision-makers who need hyper-local insights into COVID-19 testing rates, positivity rates, and risk of increasing viral activity. 

This dashboard provides local lab testing insights that:
Include state, county, and sub-county views of Local Risk Index, COVID-19 testing rates, de-identified test results (detected, not detected, or inconclusive), and key demographic filters for those tested (age, gender). Click here to view a demo.

These insights can be used to
Understand where COVID-19 infection is accelerating, identify where local resources will be strained in the next 5 to 21 days, and prepare before they are required. The Local Risk Index (LRI) at the local county and sub-county level traces the acceleration (or deceleration) of the % of those tested that have Detected (+) CoV-2 results. Click here to read our blog post explaining LRI.   

Data used in the dashboard comes from:
More than 20,000 lab ordering locations from a coalition of laboratories performing nearly 40 percent of the nation’s laboratory testing. Click here to learn more about the coalition. 

CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard is powered by:
hc1®, the bioinformatics leader in precision testing and prescribing. Click here to learn more about hc1. 

Some of the highest volume labs in the United States have joined hc1 to deliver the data contained in this dashboard. Results for more than 20,000 ordering locations are included.

Contributing Partners

The CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard powered by hc1 displays testing insights based on the data supplied by Lab Coalition members across the United States. While additional testing is occurring beyond what is represented on this dashboard, these insights are drawn from the ‘live data feed’ of thousands of participating lab locations. Therefore, the dashboard offers near real-time information toward understanding the pandemic spread of COVID-19 as defined by the number of tests performed and the results of those tests (i.e., detected, not detected, inconclusive.) All other Clinical Laboratory organizations performing COVID-19 testing that are not currently contributing to the CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard are invited* to participate in this coalition. With your COVID-19 test data added, the resulting dashboard will become even more informative. This site uses technology supported in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. Other browsers may not be compatible.

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